Koneko Cup

Manufacturer: +d

Kittens in the kitchen
Use Koneko Cup to surround yourself with an endless supply of cats. Kitten-shaped food will make your meals so adorably delicious it'll seem a shame to eat them. Even children can easily make kitten-shaped jelly , sorbet, or any other kitten-shaped treats.

Infinite Cat Mold
Compact for portability. Bring with you to the beach, or a snowy mountain to create kittens wherever you go. Make sure they are filled right up to the ears for the best result

Just placing it there can make you feel healed
Use as a decoration in your house to benefit from the healing power of cats. Why stop at one? Their compact sized means more room for friends. A Neko Cup ever so slightly larger than the Koneko Cup. They're happiest as a family, together. Don't let the fun stop at one.

Designed by Yuka Morii
Cats have an amazing ability. They can make a space feel more calm, more peaceful, just by being there. In making it small, not did we make it more portable, but also a product that you can set in small spaces, such as a desk or a bookshelf, as an ornament. I wanted to make lots of cats and have people gaze upon them in different places.

Koneko Cup
Size: Approx. W 75 × D 85 × H 85 mm
Weight: Approx. 35~40g
Material: Bamboo-Based Biomass Plastic

Dishwasher & Freezer safe.
Do not microwave & Boiling disinfection.

Package Size: Approx. W 75 × D 90 × H85 mm
Weight(incl. package): Approx. 40g

Made in Japan

Bio Beige/DA-1261-BG /4580122329525
Bio Black /DA-1261-BK /4580122329532
Bio White/DA-1261-WH/4580122329549