Manufacturer: +d

Soft and flexible tip
An exquisite balance of flexibility allows for easy s cooping under food. Flip food and scrape the bottom of pots and pans clean.

An unprecedented level of silky scooping
Curved side s all ow f or everything in a frying pan to be s cooped up with ease.

Gentle on frying pans
Made with s oft nylon resin, suitable even for fluorine resin frying pans. Use with any kind o f pot or pan safely.

Raised tips
No more messy kitchen worktops thanks to the spatula's raised tip.

Size: W 80 × D 35 × H 285 mm
Weight: Approx. 50 g
Material: Nylon

Temperature limit / 200℃
Dishwasher safe.

Package Size: Approx. W 80 × D 35 × H 285 mm
Weight (incl. package): Approx. 50 g

Made in Japan

Gray /DH-030-GY/4580122327071