No matter how many times you use them, these animal-shaped rubber bands will return to their original shape! Zoo.

Designer: M.Haneda and Y.Ohashi


These handy Mini Clips are perfect for the office and around your home, whether you use them for organizing your documents, attaching photos, or something else entirely!

Animal bookmark. It uses its long tail to mark your place in a book. 
Designer: Mai Ono
Each petal of the flower peels off to make a note tag. Each time you peel and post a petal you are sure to feel soothed!
Designer:Natsuko Kurosawa
Bend Goony into a shape of your choice.
Designer: Takafumi Nemoto
A card holder that can be opened with one hand. The rounded lid will allow easy access to your cards with the light tug of a finger. Fits up to 40 normal-sized business cards.
Designer: Shin-Ichi Sumikawa
Why the self-stick memo must be square and yellow? This are nice and poetic.

Green drawing pins resembling the first stirrings of new blades of grass. Ideal for pinning up your favorite cards and photos.

Designer: Joonhyun Kim


Sticky note block in the style of Mondrian; his artwork, re-imagined in 3-dimensional blocks.

Designer: Assia Qu├ętin & Catherine Denoyelle


Colourful elastics with french and english phrases create useful and enjoyable bookmarks.

This card stand makes it appear as if a paper clip is growing right out of a picture. Cut from a single sheet of metal.
Designer: Toshihiro Aya
Magnet like small stone.
Designer: Sen-Ichiro Watanabe