A reusable hook made of a unique suction sheet called "PitaSheet", which adheres well to smooth surfaces.

Splash umbrella stand. Made in synthetic rubber and exists in several colours.
Designer: Y. Asano

These handy Mini Clips are perfect for the office and around your home, whether you use them for organizing your documents, attaching photos, or something else entirely!


Smarter living every day. Towards a storage that you can display on your room door.

The skin of banana thrown away by somebody has found new job. It was to fix and opened door firmly.
Designer: Takashi Ohba

Plantable is a pot tray with casters (wheels) which is convenient to move your potted plants easily.

It is a fun tissue dispenser that looks like a smoking volcano.
Designer: Nendo

Complete the set with this clamp-on, matching desk lamp.


S Hook is convenient for hanging cleaning and other products in your bathroom.
The flexible head of the hook securely attaches to any rod so you can hang and take off the product smoothly.

Gumhook is a soft hook made of silicon that is kind to people and the things they hang on it.
Designer: Gaku Otomo

2 sizes for this lamp. Put the sticker on the wall, fix the electrical system with a screw and it’s done!!! 'It's all bright'


Small mirror with a concealed wooden back, pierced with holes into which you can place a twig, either for decoration or to hang your jewelry.