Jam Tori

Manufacturer: +d

Imagine a spoon that is capable of sitting stably on top of the container after spreading the jam on the toast. A new way to enjoy your meal time with the unique design of a cute bird spoon that is easy to use.

Designed by Atsuhiro Hayashi

Product Name: Jam Tori
Country of Origin: Japan
Product Size: L157×W24×H27mm
Product Weight: Approx. 11g
Package Size: W43×D24×H158mm
Weight (including package): Approx.22g
Temperature Limit / 100℃
Material: Polypropylene

Color / Product No. / JAN:
Green / DA-1110-GR / 4580122324377

Orange / DA-1110-OR / 4580122324384

Red / DA-1110-RD / 4580122324391

White / DA-1110-WH / 4580122324407

Suitable for Kitchen