Love & PeaceGun

Manufacturer: +d

The classic rubber band gun is back with a new design. Why not set your sights on a target and present this unique rubber band gun as a gift? This product was created in hopes of a world in which people do not hurt one another. Pulling the trigger reveals the word "PEACE" conveying this message with every shot.

Introducing a vivid fluorescent color with a touch of love.

Don't underestimate the power of this toy pistol. Not only can it be used as a shotgun and for firing four shots in a row, but with a little ingenuity you can even bend the trajectory of the rubber bands.

If both adults and children were absorbed in having fun, perhaps there would be less fighting and conflict in the world.

Combine different parts for your own original color combinations.

Designer: Yasuhiro Asano

Blue / DA-1011-BL / 4580122324049
Clear / DA-1011-CL / 4580122324056
Navy / DA-1011-NV / 4580122324063
Red / DA-1011-RD / 4580122324070

Size: W 208 × 105 × H 5.5mm (Product)
W 54 × D 2 × H 47 mm (Heart Rubber Band)
Weight: Approx. 60g
Package Size: W 250 × D 12.5 × H 160 mm
Weight(including package): Approx.111g

Polycarbonate (Product,Targets)
Polyurethane Elastomer (Fixed Band:)
Silicone (Heart Rubber Bands)

Set contents:
Product × 1, Target × 3, HeartRubber Band × 4  

*Can also be used with store-bought rubber bands.
*If the fixed band get old or break, replace with store-bought rubber bands.