Warp - opener

Manufacturer: +d

The first opener of its kind. The Warp makes opening bottles, releasing tight jar lids, and pulling tabs on cans much easier. The wave design makes it look more like a cool accessory rather than just a bottle opener, and fits all hands, big and small.

Made using a sand-casting process, each Warp is unique. It could make a nice gift for someone special.

Designer: Jordi López Aguiló

Size: Approx. W 110 × D 20 × H 8 mm
Weight: Approx.70g
Material: Brass (Nickel plating / Clear coating)
Package Size: Approx. W 125 × D 40 × H 15 mm
Weight (including package): Approx. 90g

Made in Japan

Gold /DA-1290-G/4580122329587