Folio / Tissue Case

Manufacturer: +d
We see tissue boxes all the time. And yet when it is bent it looks completely different. The Folio is a simple tissue case that is bent at a right angle. If you just use it as it is, it is more compact than a normal tissue box. Because it has two openings, if you position it on its side you can take out tissues from either side. And what about sticking it in a corner? Changing the things we always have with us in our homes can really be refreshing. I hope you’ll find a way to use the Folio that will fit your home.
Designer: Noriko Hashida

Size: 19.5 × 11.4 × 1.32 cm
Size of Package: 14 × 14 × 12 cm
Weight: 181g (240g with package)

Made in Japan

type: D-660-Bk Black / D-660-BR Brown / D-660-PK Pink / D-660-WH White / D-661-BL White&Blue / D-661-OR White & Orange / D-661-YL White & Yellow / Navy D-602-NV