The soft thomy projections support a soap gently. Even if place a wet soap, since water drains away very soon it is not sticky, so you can use it confortably.
Designer: Miyagi Sotaro and Takahashi Mirei
Bend Goony into a shape of your choice.
Designer: Takafumi Nemoto
Folio means to fold in two. Tissue boxes tend to take up a lot of room, but folding them in half helps them use less space.
Designer: Noriko Hashida

A reusable hook made of a unique suction sheet called " PitaSheet " which adheres well to smooth surfaces. Can such as glass stainless steel and painted metallic surfaces ( such as refrigerators ).

Designer: Aya Sunaguchi


Soft to the touch yet boasts sturdy protection for any contents. Triples as a convenient stand, tray, or bowl for your desk or near your sink.

Designer: Motomi Kawakami


This little strongman helps make your daily gargling pleasant and fun while staying out of your way, even if it is kept on the bathroom sink.
Designer:  Miyuki Fushitani