Object for placing umbrellas. Made in natural rubber and exists in several colours.
Designer: Y. Asano
The skin of banana thrown away by somebody has found new job. It was to fix and opened door firmly.
Designer: Takashi Ohba
It is a fun tissue dispenser that looks like a smoking volcano.
Designer: Nendo
Gumhook is a soft hook made of silicon that is kind to people and the things they hang on it.
Designer: Gaku Otomo

Trim various items, such as photos, illustrations and postcards into squares and display them in this picture frame.

Designer: Pock Design


Hangers that can be used without stretching out the collars of your clothes. Parfect for T-shirts, turtlenecks. and even button down shirts.

Designer: Yasuaki Chiba


This shoehorn is made from layers of wood twisted to form a unique shape that will easily find it place in the entrance to your home.

Designer: Kaichiro Yamada

Birdhook is a soft hook made of silicon. Put in the beak pen, paper, toothbrush... 6 colors black, white, green, blue, red or yellow.
Designer: AUN2H4
Folio means to fold in two. Tissue boxes tend to take up a lot of room, but folding them in half helps them use less space.
Designer: Noriko Hashida

A reusable hook made of a unique suction sheet called " PitaSheet " which adheres well to smooth surfaces. Can such as glass stainless steel and painted metallic surfaces ( such as refrigerators ).

Designer: Aya Sunaguchi

TETRA is a vase that can be used on its own or combined with other TETRA vases. There are three subtly-colored versions that can be set in a variety of ways.
Designer: Urabe Sayaka

Fold it and unfold it to fit your needs. It's a fun hot pot mat!

Designer: Atsuhiro Hayashi