A mug with numbers for the handle. What numbers have special importance for you ?
Designer: Takuya Hoshiko

A cup that looks like any other. Flip it over, and it looks like a soda can! A simple but fun design.

Designer: Yoshihide Nakatani

Chopsticks that don’t need a chopstick rest. Because of the shape, the tips won’t touch the table when it’s set down.
Designer: Mikiya Kobayashi

Talking is a set of condiment containers that will bring a smile to your table.

Designer: Nendo

This “standing ladle” was designed to stand independently taking in mind density and weight of the materials used. Use you limited kitchen space more effectively with “Tate Otama”.
Designer: Mikiya Kobayashi

Able to fasten anything from tiny snack food packets to large bed sheets. T-shirts fastened down with wingclips look like they have suddenly sprouted their own wings! 

Designer: Jae-Hyuk Lee


At once a square AND a triangle, the Shuki is a strange and charming form.

Designer: Daisaku Choh


When you make food to put by or want to keep leftovers until tomorrow, put them in the Wrapbowl, secure the silicone lid and pop it in the fridge.

Designer: Kanae Tsukamoto


A reusable hook made of a unique suction sheet called " PitaSheet " which adheres well to smooth surfaces. Can such as glass stainless steel and painted metallic surfaces ( such as refrigerators ).

Designer: Aya Sunaguchi


This coaster features a hippo floating at water's edge. Made from a highly absorbent natural material called diatomite.

Designer: Ryo Shimura


Fold it and unfold it to fit your needs. It's a fun hot pot mat!

Designer: Atsuhiro Hayashi


Meet Pickman, the party pick that turns your table into a veritable diorama and sets the stage for all kinds of fun stories!

Designer: Noriko Hashida