No matter how many times you use them, these animal-shaped rubber bands will return to their original shape! Zoo.

Designer: M.Haneda and Y.Ohashi

Animal bookmark. It uses its long tail to mark your place in a book. 
Designer: Mai Ono
Each petal of the flower peels off to make a note tag. Each time you peel and post a petal you are sure to feel soothed!
Designer:Natsuko Kurosawa
Bend Goony into a shape of your choice.
Designer: Takafumi Nemoto
A card holder that can be opened with one hand. The rounded lid will allow easy access to your cards with the light tug of a finger. Fits up to 40 normal-sized business cards.
Designer: Shin-Ichi Sumikawa

Green drawing pins resembling the first stirrings of new blades of grass. Ideal for pinning up your favorite cards and photos.

Designer: Joonhyun Kim

This card stand makes it appear as if a paper clip is growing right out of a picture. Cut from a single sheet of metal.
Designer: Toshihiro Aya
Magnet like small stone.
Designer: Sen-Ichiro Watanabe
This eraser mimicing the development from ape to man : you start buy using the monkey shaped end and end up with an eraser in the human form.
Designer: Hiroyuki Shiratori

Able to fasten anything from tiny snack food packets to large bed sheets. T-shirts fastened down with wingclips look like they have suddenly sprouted their own wings! 

Designer: Jae-Hyuk Lee

Let Birdie perch on your desk or shelf like a small bird on a branch. he will help you to open letters with his tail.
Designer: Yohei Oki

Thermometer that lets you see temperature through color.

Designer: T3design