Pinwheel magnets for you to feel the wind. It is an object for your interior. It spins around and around, and you want to blow it more and more. It can be used as decoration like a picture, a small card or a display. With a little iron pin and thus good for a wide range of usage.


Lets you make a spinning entrance and perhaps it will bring about a eureka moment.


Don't underestimate the power of this toy pistol. Not only can it be used as a shotgun and for firing four shots in a row, but with a little ingenuity you can even bend the trajectory of the rubber bands.

Shoot through the heart of your crush with a heart-shaped rubber band!

If both adults and children were absorbed in having fun, perhaps there would be less fighting and conflict in the world. Combine different parts for your own original color combinations.


Remote Control Stand. Your remote is most at home here!
It is easy to lose track of your remote control at home, but with this, you can create a permanent home for it. In our quest to create easy-to-use products, we arrived at this subtly charming zig-zag form. With its soft material, it will not damage the surface it is placed on, nor the items placed inside. Great for storing various accessories, including glasses, stationery, business cards, cosmetics, and more.


Cats heal the world. If you’re walking along the beach this summer and you see a group of napping cat sand sculptures, there’s a good chance it’s the work of a Neko Cup (neko is the Japanese word for cat). Neko Cup is the latest product from Japanese design brand h-concept. Made from biomass plastic (bamboo and scallop shells) the hollowed out object creates a silhouette of a napping cat.


Humorous stress relief tool. First came the plain gray faces, then the colored faces, and then the vegetables - so it was high time for fruit to suffer in the hands of stressed salarymen all over Japan!


Turn a single flower into a soothing friend!
Experience Japan's unique form of etiquette from Flowerman view an array of emotions and expressions as the flower inside begins to droop. Place him wherever you like and he is sure to make yo ur day a little brighter. Why not let Flowerman share your life?


Little kittens bring even more good vibes to the world
Use Koneko Cup to surround yourself with an endless supply of cats. Great for use at the beach, in a sandbox, or in the snow. Doubles as a household ornament, or a way to make food more fun. Made from natural sustainable materials. At least half of the product is constructed from organic matter derived from bamboo.


For stirring, breaking up, turning, scooping, serving, and more! A spatula to bring the fun back into cooking!

For stirring, breaking up, turning, scooping, serving and more!
Spatula, turner, ladle, and serving spoon all in one ut ensil. Ideal for those looking to minimize kitchen utensils, and save space (also hangable).


Its head is a scraper, and its tail is a brush. The Kitchen Tool like a bird perches, swaying, in any kitchen. The utensil's scraper head and curved body are perfectly smooth out cream and other such ingredients, while its brush tail applies egg washes and sauces with ease. It is easy to use, and also makes the mood more delightful when placed in the kitchen.