Sponge trays made of diatomaceous earth and gravel are treated with a sakan washout finish, and absorb water from sponges for washing the dishes.


Dispenser trays made of diatomaceous earth and gravel are treated with a sakan washout finish. Setting dispensers for hand soap and lotion on the tray keeps the washbasin neat and tidy.



Food containers made of diatomaceous earth are effective for storing seasonings or food since diatomaceous earth has a high desiccating effect. There are two type of containers: one type is completely made of diatomaceous earth, which in the other type, only the lid is made of diatemaceous earth and the body is made of glass.


Drying blocks made of diatomaceous earth are put into small containers or bags and use as desiccants.


By mixing charcoal, which is highly effective creating deodorizing characteristics and diatomaceous earth with tis moisture conditioning properties, we created an egg look alike deodorant especially for refrigerators.


Coasters made of diatomaceous earth absorb water drained from glasses. No water drops on the table.


Due to the moisture contralling properties of diatomaceous earth, seasoning in a jar or shaker does not stick together in lumps.


Decorative seashells made from diatomaceous earth, which is an excellent and natural humidity regulator. Put them in your salt jar and they will look just like seashells half buried in beach sand.