PlaTawa for kitchen

Manufacturer: Tidy
material : blends of ethylene copolymers
size : W10.1 D10.1 H1.2cm
weight : 20g
*Hold the product lightly and wipe the object / surface gently.
*When not in use, shake off water from the product and keep it on a hook.
*You can use it for many things in the kitchen, such as colanders, drain baskets, and vegetables.
*You can use it for many many other things. It's up to you!
*The product contains antibacterial agents
*Don't put it close to fire.
*Don't place it under hot water nor put heavy things on it. It might change shape.
*Don't use in skin.
*Don't use it on bristle objects. It might scratch the surfaces.
*Don't use boiling water for sterilizing.
*Not dishwasher-proof.
Upper temperature limit: 60 degrees Lower temperature limit: -60 degrees.
Suitable for Kitchen