Manufacturer: +d
The shape of water splashing out of a puddle on a rainy day inspired the design of this umbrella stand. A space-saving rubber umbrella stand. 6 umbrellas can be inserted in the inner grooves, and up to 6 umbrellas with pointed ends can be inserted in the outer grooves. Since it is rubber, there is no danger of it damaging the floor. It's weight ensures that it will remain stable, even when holding many umbrellas (Good design Award 2003)
Designer: Y. Asano
Size : 15.7 x 14.2 x 10 cm
Weight: 1200g (1300g with package)
Made in Japan 
Colors: D-010-BK Black / D-010-BR Brown / D-010-LB Light Blue / D-010-OR Orange / D-010-OW Off White / D-010-YL Yellow
Suitable for Interior, Office, Gift