A reusable hook made of a unique suction sheet called "PitaSheet", which adheres well to smooth surfaces.


This new comer to join the Flat lunch Box range is a simply beauty. It comes in three sizes to suit your needs and is sure to complement any type of lunch you prepare. Just wash it quickly and fold it flat after enjoying the meal.

What is WOW?
Take it to the park, the beach, on holiday, to work.
You need WOW wherever you need your music.
Compact, durable, wireless, easy to connect and recharge, WOW makes all your music portable. Big on sound, WOW wirelessly streams music from any Bluetooth device.
Designer: Antonio Arevalo

These handy Mini Clips are perfect for the office and around your home, whether you use them for organizing your documents, attaching photos, or something else entirely!

designed by J.Yawata with "h-concept"
PlaTawa for kitchen is a uniquely shaped multi-purpose brush, convenient for use in the kitchen. It's useful for cleaning colanders, graters, cutting boards and drain baskets etc. and scrubbing root vegetables. It's soft and fits well to any curved surfaces.

A snack plate that folds flat and can be used repeatedly. Ideal daily snacking. evening nibbles and parties. 


After enjoying your lunch, just wash it quickly and fold it flat. The complementary elastic band and pouch can keep the box tidy and compact inside your bag to be taken home. Made with bend-resistant polypropylene material to with stand repeated use. The box is microwave reheatable and also great for freezer storage.


A placemat in a colorful pattern which will delight your breakfast and lunch. It has a folded corner for easy put-away after each meal.


Two Toned Balloon by MARUSA BALLOONs, the only handcrafted balloons in Japan.


Sponge trays made of diatomaceous earth and gravel are treated with a sakan washout finish, and absorb water from sponges for washing the dishes.


Flat deli Box is easy to use. When you have done with your meal. Just quickly wash off the box and fold it flat. The box, which design is inspired by Japanese traditional mark, is perfect for party or giftbox.


Dispenser trays made of diatomaceous earth and gravel are treated with a sakan washout finish. Setting dispensers for hand soap and lotion on the tray keeps the washbasin neat and tidy.