A reusable hook made of a unique suction sheet called "PitaSheet", which adheres well to smooth surfaces.


These are solid mats made of diatomaceous earth. The mats absorb water from your feet after a bath and also ensure your feet are dry as you step off the mat.

What is WOW?
Take it to the park, the beach, on holiday, to work.
You need WOW wherever you need your music.
Compact, durable, wireless, easy to connect and recharge, WOW makes all your music portable. Big on sound, WOW wirelessly streams music from any Bluetooth device.
Designer: Antonio Arevalo

New Bath mat Light is upgraded with pulp, which results in a stronger and lighter form even if you let it drop, it will not break!


Different from conventional soap dishes " Soil " soap dishes absorb soap moisture, and remain clean and dry.

The soft pointy projections support a soap gently. Even if you place wet soap, since water drains away very soon it is not sticky, so you can use it comfortably.
Designer: Miyagi Sotaro and Takahashi Mirei

Soap dishes made of diatomaceous earth and gravel are treated with a sakean washout finish.


Sponge trays made of diatomaceous earth and gravel are treated with a sakan washout finish, and absorb water from sponges for washing the dishes.


Dispenser trays made of diatomaceous earth and gravel are treated with a sakan washout finish. Setting dispensers for hand soap and lotion on the tray keeps the washbasin neat and tidy.



Our toothbrush stands are made entirely of diatomaceous earth and are treated with a sakan washout finish.


Clip is useful for keeping kitchen cloths and rubber gloves etc. with one hand.


Please put a tea candle light in the middle of the part at the bottom of the aroma pot, then place the main part above it and in the end place the small plate on top of the main part. By putting some aroma oil or essence on the plate at the top of the aroma pot, the diatomaceous earth will absorb the fluid instantly and due to the heat of the candle positioned below you can enjoy the aroma immediately.