Each petal of the flower peels off to make a note tag. Each time you peel and post a petal you are sure to feel soothed!
Designer:Natsuko Kurosawa
A soft pocket with suction cups. Use it to store a variety of small of small objects.
Designer: Shin-ichi Sumikawa
This curved ruler is more convenient and enjoyable than your old ruler.Test it !
Designer: Tomoya Yoshida
A white bookmark that seems as though straight from what you’re reading.
A secret key that connects the reader to the fantasy world.
Designer: Yuko et Yumiko Tokuda

Hangers that can be used without stretching out the collars of your clothes. Parfect for T-shirts, turtlenecks. and even button down shirts.

Designer: Yasuaki Chiba


A cup that looks like any other. Flip it over, and it looks like a soda can! A simple but fun design.

Designer: Yoshihide Nakatani

Chopsticks that don’t need a chopstick rest. Because of the shape, the tips won’t touch the table when it’s set down.
Designer: Mikiya Kobayashi
Pick a nameless wildflower from the side of the road and place it in the vase.
Designer: DMC
Bend Goony into a shape of your choice.
Designer: Takafumi Nemoto
A soothing object hat is reminiescent of tall rice plants swaying in the breeze. Place it in your entryway and it will gently shake its head to the right and left as people pass by.
Designer: Hiromi Taki and Tomonori Ohata
A clip in the shape of a hanger. Not only can it be used to hold papers together, but it can also be used to hang photos or postcard.
Designer: Juta Kan

Talking is a set of condiment containers that will bring a smile to your table.

Designer: Nendo