This is the Pocket memo, feeling the texture of different materials: the wood seemed like just had-been chopped from the red pine tree, or a block of marble or concrete. Let entrance the raw material in your desk. Memo block with 120 sheets.


Colourful elastics with french and english phrases create useful and enjoyable bookmarks.


A range of 5 tea towels based on depictions of fabrics within famous paintings! Each towel features a specific detail of a painting, revealing the idiosyncrasies of the artist; cracks, brush strokes and transparencies…Plunge into the heart of these famous works and turn your kitchen into a gallery!


You can organize your toiletry accessories in these attractive bags displaying a selection of 6 familiar faces from famous historical paintings. Fine art in your bathroom. Double bag made from water resistant material.


Sac à «main» / «hand»bag... A new kind of hand bag will be in your wardrobe ... We like to take things literally. Pretty historical hands are enhancing your bag. The size is small but you can fit in all that you need for the day or the party.


Composition of 5 glass tubes of different sizes hung together with a leather belt sewn in France. This new version is the recycling of the tubes from the old «Forget-me-not» on which the manufacturers were unable to solve the gluing problems. It is therefore delivered in the old box. 3 colours.


Until now, jewellery has been used to decorate a person’s body. With wall jewellery you can dress your room with elegance. Wall jewellery is a photo holder made of a metal chain and clips in the shape of exotic leaves. The whole is plated with fine gold or silver. What is new and original is the elegance of the chain and the finesse of the clips, real jewels!


Book jewellery is an effective and beautiful bookmark. The exotic leaf clip hangs on your page and allows you to find it easily. 2 models: the chain and the clip are gold-plated with fine gold or silver.