Place SHIBA-RUG on your veranda or balcony for gardening or even to add a nice interior touch. there are numerous way to bring enjoyment to your life using this chic colored artificial turf. It can be easily installed by snapping modular pieces together.

designed by J.Yawata with "h-concept"
PlaTawa for kitchen is a uniquely shaped multi-purpose brush, convenient for use in the kitchen. It's useful for cleaning colanders, graters, cutting boards and drain baskets etc. and scrubbing root vegetables. It's soft and fits well to any curved surfaces.
designed by J.Yawata with "h-concept"
"Platawa for Bath" is a brush for your bathroom floor. It is best for cleaning the indented surface of the floor. The sharp-pointed tips of bristles remove pink mold and dirt efficiently.

Plantable is a pot tray with casters (wheels) which is convenient to move your potted plants easily.


Hold is a useful holder for dish sponge and other kitchen items neatly.


Clip is useful for keeping kitchen cloths and rubber gloves etc. with one hand.


Designed by A.Sunaguchi with h concept

If you use it after taking bath, you can easily keep the bathroom dry and prevent water stains and mildew. Squeegee is useful for removing water drops from your bathroom wall and mirror. It's designed to hang on your towel bar or tap so that it takes up little space when not in use.


Platawa for Bottle is a brush for your portable mug bottle. The brush bends flexibly when you put the head into the bottle. It easily fits the bottom and cleans your bottle thoroughly. The uniquely shaped thin bristles are soft yet durable and provide scratch-free cleaning. You can use it for water pitchers as well.


S Hook is convenient for hanging cleaning and other products in your bathroom.
The flexible head of the hook securely attaches to any rod so you can hang and take off the product smoothly.


Convenient for hanging, cleaning and other products in your bathroom.


Designed by Aya Sunaguchi


Squeegee mini is useful for removing water drops from the narrow spaces in your bathroom and washroom.


Compact efficiently gets into hard-to-reach places of a toilet bowl.