No matter how many times you use them, these animal-shaped rubber bands will return to their original shape! Zoo.

Designer: M.Haneda and Y.Ohashi

Splash umbrella stand. Made in synthetic rubber and exists in several colours.
Designer: Y. Asano
The soft pointy projections support a soap gently. Even if you place wet soap, since water drains away very soon it is not sticky, so you can use it comfortably.
Designer: Miyagi Sotaro and Takahashi Mirei
The skin of banana thrown away by somebody has found new job. It was to fix and opened door firmly.
Designer: Takashi Ohba
For the people who have such troubles recently that forgetting a smile, feeling stress, and tending pacs by someone!
Designer: Makiko Yoshida
It is a fun tissue dispenser that looks like a smoking volcano.
Designer: Nendo
A mug with numbers for the handle. What numbers have special importance for you ?
Designer: Takuya Hoshiko
Gumhook is a soft hook made of silicon that is kind to people and the things they hang on it.
Designer: Gaku Otomo
Imagine a stopdoor looking like a painting tube.
This fun little tube-shaped doorstop, though small, holds doors firmly in place.
Designer: Tetsuo Shibuya
Each petal of the flower peels off to make a note tag. Each time you peel and post a petal you are sure to feel soothed!
Designer:Natsuko Kurosawa
This curved ruler is more convenient and enjoyable than your old ruler.Test it !
Designer: Tomoya Yoshida
Pick a nameless wildflower from the side of the road and place it in the vase.
Designer: DMC