No matter how many times you use them, these animal-shaped rubber bands will return to their original shape! Zoo.

Designer: M.Haneda and Y.Ohashi


A metallic balloon known as climbing man. He has magnets in his hands and toes, and will attach to metal surfaces suitable for magnets.


Mammal P by MARUSA BALLOONs, the only handcrafted balloons in Japan.


All you need is just a little air and your cute & chubby mammal U comes to life!

Mammal U by MARUSA BALLOONs, the only handcrafted balloons in Japan.


A reusable hook made of a unique suction sheet called "PitaSheet", which adheres well to smooth surfaces.


Place SHIBA-RUG on your veranda or balcony for gardening or even to add a nice interior touch. there are numerous way to bring enjoyment to your life using this chic colored artificial turf. It can be easily installed by snapping modular pieces together.


These are solid mats made of diatomaceous earth. The mats absorb water from your feet after a bath and also ensure your feet are dry as you step off the mat.


Window vase with compartments fixed with suction hooks.

Splash umbrella stand. Made in synthetic rubber and exists in several colours.
Designer: Y. Asano

These handy Mini Clips are perfect for the office and around your home, whether you use them for organizing your documents, attaching photos, or something else entirely!


Mammal D by MARUSA BALLOONs, the only handcrafted balloons in Japan.

designed by J.Yawata with "h-concept"
PlaTawa for kitchen is a uniquely shaped multi-purpose brush, convenient for use in the kitchen. It's useful for cleaning colanders, graters, cutting boards and drain baskets etc. and scrubbing root vegetables. It's soft and fits well to any curved surfaces.