Birdie Paper Knife

Manufacturer: +d
Let Birdie perch on your desk or shelf like a small bird on a branch. He will help you open letters with his tail.
DESIGN PLUS 2012 / Red dod design 2012
Designer: Yohei Oki

Size: 10,1 x 0,97 x 3,95 cm
Size of Package: 10,1 x 0,97 x 4,56 cm
Weight: 10g (with package 17g)
Material: PBT

Made in Japan

Type: D-670-BK Black / D-670-BL Blue / D-670-GR Green / D-670-GY Gray / D-670-RD Red / D-670-WH White / D-670-YL Yellow /
Brass: D-671-G Gold / D-670-S Silver
Suitable for Office, Stationary, Gift