Drying Block

Manufacturer: Soil

They are shaped like chocolate bars and can be broken into pieces when used. Two pieces would be adequate for a standard-sized salt shaker. When the blocks are first added, some of the salt may stick to them, Brush off the salt, dry the blocks in the sun for one hour to have themregain their desiccating effect, and put them back, When theseasoning is very moist, repeat this procedure. Whole bars can be put into containers of seaweed or bags of snacks. All our products have passed food standards inspections, so the are harmless even if small amounts are eaten by mistake. We recommend that you should dry the blacks in the sun for one hour every week if you use them for dried food and once every three days for salt.

Drying Block size: 16 x 4 x 1.2cm 4pc

color: White / Pink / Green

Suitable for Kitchen