Decorative seashells made from diatomaceous earth, which is an excellent and natural humidity regulator. Put them in your salt jar and they will look just like seashells half buried in beach sand.

It’s a measuring device, on one side you can slip a picture and on the other side you can write on the date.

Talking is a set of condiment containers that will bring a smile to your table.

Designer: Nendo


A metallic balloon known as climbing cat. He has magnets in his hands and toes, and will attach to metal surfaces suitable for magnets.

Why the self-stick memo must be square and yellow? This are nice and poetic.

Sticky note block in the style of Mondrian; his artwork, re-imagined in 3-dimensional blocks.

Designer: Assia Quétin & Catherine Denoyelle


Small mirror with a concealed wooden back, pierced with holes into which you can place a twig, either for decoration or to hang your jewelry.


Colourful elastics with french and english phrases create useful and enjoyable bookmarks.

For the people who have such troubles recently that forgetting a smile, feeling stress, and tending pacs by someone! 
Designer: Makiko Yoshida

At once a square AND a triangle, the Shuki is a strange and charming form.

Designer: Daisaku Choh

Let Birdie perch on your desk or shelf like a small bird on a branch. He will help you to open letters with his tail.
Designer: Yohei Oki
These crayons let you play with hippos as you draw, making drawing even more fun while encouraging kids to develop their imaginations. 
Designer: Ryo Shimura